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Research Publications

Jones, D. L., Pearson, Z., Sinex, D., Nash, J., Jones, D. F. Making Summer Count: Making Summer Count: Youths’ Perceptions of Meaningfulness and Future Orientation in Summer Youth Employment Contexts. Afterschool Matters Journal. 


Jones, D. L., Feigenbaum, P., and Jones, D. F. (2021). Motivation (Constructs) Made Simpler: Adapting Self-Determination Theory for Community-Based Youth Development Programs. Journal of Youth Development, 16(1), 7–28.

Elias, T., Thompson, J., Boak, B., Jones, D. L., and Ziats, B. (2023). When “immersive” learning goes remote: Interdisciplinary lessons learned in a pandemic. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action.

 Jones D. L., Darsow, E, and Jones, D. F.(2020). Preliminary Testing of a Peer-Teaching Model Utilizing Geospatial Open Source Tools to Address Community Health Issues. Journal of STEM Outreach, 3(1), 1–7. 

Jones, D. L. (2022). What if We Made Room for Young People? Rebuilding Community-Institution Trust through Youth Participatory Action Research. Connected Science Learning, 4(1). 

Jones, D. F., Jones, D. L., Lepma, M., & Bishop, J. (2017). "Mentor Self-Efficacy and Mentorship Knowledge in Disadvantaged Youth: An Exploratory Study of a Teen Peer-Mentorship Training Program." Education and Urban Society Journal.

Jones, D. F, McLaughlin, L. R., & Jones, D. L. (2017). "Tech and True: A Peer Mentor Initiative to End Cyber Bullying." ASAC Proceedings.

Jones, D. L., and Jones, D. F. (2020). Transcend the Summer Slump: How to Attract and Retain Low-Income Students in Summer Learning Programs. Afterschool Matters.   

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