Research Publications

Publications Under Review


Jones, D. L., Feigenbaum, P., and Jones, D. F. (2019). Youth Enrichment Services: Internalizing Motivation among Underserved Youth in Pittsburgh. Submitted to Journal of Community Practice.


Jones, D. F., McLaughlin, L., and Jones, D. L. (2019). Is Diversion Programming Enough? An Actionable Response. Submitted to the Journal of Criminal Justice and Behavior. 


Jones, D. F., Jones D. L., and McLaughlin, L. (2018). Lessons Learned from Addressing Declining Female Participation in Organized Sport through a Summer Sport Development Program. Submitted to Sport Management Review. 


Darsow, E, Jones, D. F., and Jones D. L. (2018). Testing Peer-Teaching Models Utilizing Geospatial Open Source Tools to Address Community Health Issues. Submitted to Journal of STEM Outreach. 



Jones, D. L., and Jones, D. F. (2020). Transcend the Summer Slump: How to Attract and Retain Low-Income Students in Summer Learning Programs. Afterschool Matters.   

Jones, D. F., Jones, D. L., Lepma, M., & Bishop, J. (2017). "Mentor Self-Efficacy and Mentorship Knowledge in Disadvantaged Youth: An Exploratory Study of a Teen Peer-Mentorship Training Program." Education and Urban Society Journal.

Jones, D. F, McLaughlin, L. R., & Jones, D. L. (2017). "Tech and True: A Peer Mentor Initiative to End Cyber Bullying." ASAC Proceedings.


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