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Research Publications


Elias, T., Thompson, J., Boak, B., Jones, D. L., and Ziats, B. (2023). When “immersive” learning goes remote: Interdisciplinary lessons learned in a pandemic. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action.

Jones, D. L. (2022). What if We Made Room for Young People? Rebuilding Community-Institution Trust through Youth Participatory Action Research. Connected Science Learning, 4(1). 

Jones, D. L., Feigenbaum, P., and Jones, D. F. (2021). Motivation (Constructs) Made Simpler: Adapting Self-Determination Theory for Community-Based Youth Development Programs. Journal of Youth Development, 16(1), 7–28.


Jones D. L., Darsow, E, and Jones, D. F.(2020). Preliminary Testing of a Peer-Teaching Model Utilizing Geospatial Open Source Tools to Address Community Health Issues. Journal of STEM Outreach, 3(1), 1–7. 


Jones, D. L., and Jones, D. F. (2020). Transcend the Summer Slump: How to Attract and Retain Low-Income Students in Summer Learning Programs. Afterschool Matters.   

Jones, D. F., Jones, D. L., Lepma, M., & Bishop, J. (2017). "Mentor Self-Efficacy and Mentorship Knowledge in Disadvantaged Youth: An Exploratory Study of a Teen Peer-Mentorship Training Program." Education and Urban Society Journal.

Jones, D. F, McLaughlin, L. R., & Jones, D. L. (2017). "Tech and True: A Peer Mentor Initiative to End Cyber Bullying." ASAC Proceedings.

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