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Growth with Outcomes and Impact: 2024, A March Toward Sustainability

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In 2023, Youth Enrichment Services achieved a milestone almost every month, as demonstrated in the previous year’s impact note. 

Growth with impact is the necessary first step in becoming more relevant and being considered a true agent of change. 

2024 will not only be a year where we continue to replicate this transformative growth and impact, but also a year during which YES will embark on a capital campaign wherein we enlist our board members, stakeholders, partners, and friends to join us in  continuing to grease the wheels of growth. We hope to raise capital to ensure that YES will have access to the resources needed to build structurally with our office expansion, meet student transportation needs, and secure the general operating expenses and contingency funding that small, community-based organizations need as they try to sustain their growth and continue to make a singular impact. 

We are asking you to please consider joining this effort if you have the time, expertise, and willingness to contribute, as our goal for the next 24 months is to raise substantial capital. For that, we need you, your network, and the resources that you can direct toward Youth Enrichment Services and our desire to continue to be the change in the lives of our neighbors, their children, and the community.

- Youth Enrichment Services Staff

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