Our mission at YES is to continue to grow and expand opportunities to invest in as many Pittsburgh youth and families as possible. Out of this mission comes our core belief that there are no throw-away kids. We support any students who express interest in and meet the criteria for our Mentoring Partnerships and Diversion 2000 programs, and even for those who don’t, because we deem students to be our greatest and most valuable resource. They drive and lead our programming initiatives, inform the critical work in which we engage, demonstrate strength in overcoming obstacles, and further evidence the breadth of our impact.  


Youth Service Delivery Programs

Mentoring Partnerships

The heart of YES is Mentoring Partnerships, a community-based program that incorporates peer mentor certification training, life skills, and communication skills to address at-risk behavior among adolescents. The mentoring concept is central to our organization’s philosophy of improved physical, emotional and academic development. The primary goals of the mentoring program are as follows: academic improvement, cultural enrichment, career development, and life skills enhancement.

Mentoring Partnerships Criteria

Students who are:

  • Ages 14 - 21

  • Attending Pittsburgh Public schools or schools in surrounding districts

  • Residing in Pittsburgh or surrounding Pittsburgh communities

Diversion 2000


Developed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Allegheny County Juvenile Court, Diversion 2000 (D2000) is a 24/7 mon­i­tor­ing and men­tor­ing program offering juvenile offenders an alternative to deten­tion. Inter­ven­tion Spe­cial­ists con­duct school and home vis­its, mon­i­tor school attendance, make daily cur­few calls, and arrange aca­d­e­mic sup­port. The fam­ily action plans are designed to pro­tect the child and the well-being of their com­mu­nity, decrease tru­ancy, reduce recidi­vism and ensure that the family’s rules will be adhered to through­out the dura­tion of the program.

Diversion 2000 Program Criteria

Students who are:

  • Ages 10 - 18

  • Referred from Probation Officer or Juvenile Court Judge

  • Residing in Allegheny County

Extended Diversion Services

D2000 youth are transferred to the Extended Diversion Services (EDS) program offered by YES if stakeholders determine youth will benefit from continued probationary services. EDS youth continue to receive home and school visits and nightly curfew calls; however their services are expanded to include weekly sessions facilitated by YES staff, social and cultural outings, one-on-one mentoring, and employability preparation. Staff select the service provision that align and address challenges the present youth are facing to individualize services. 

Extended Diversion Program Criteria

Students who are:

  • Ages 10 - 18

  • Referred from Probation Officers, Juvenile Court Judges, School Stakeholders, and Municipal Court Judges

  • Residing in Allegheny County


student pathways

Mentoring Partnerships Pathways

The Beginning:

Program Enrollment

The Truth:

Mentor/Mentee Training

The Work: Summer Enrichment

and Workforce Development

The Connection:

School Year Service Provision

The Way:

Stakeholder Engagement

The Life: Year-Round Program Engagement

The Mission:


The Return:

Come Back and

Support YES


Diversion 2000 Pathways

Referral from Probation Officer

Intake Home Visit

Provisional Services

Adjudication Court Hearing

or P.O. or Judge Terminates

Youth Enrollment

Provisional Services Continue

Youth Eligible for Group Programming & Mentor Outings

P.O. or Judge Terminates Youth Enrollment

Enrollment in Mentoring Partnership Programming



While we honor and appreciate all our students, we particularly enjoy highlighting our seniors, typically longstanding participants who contribute greatly to YES, commit to fulfilling its mission, and vow to carry on its legacy of empowerment. Here are some of the colleges our 2020 seniors have been accepted to:
  • Duquesne University 

  • University of Pittsburgh 

  • VIllanova University 

  • University of Virginia 

  • Drexel University 

  • Virginia Tech University 

  • Pennsylvania State University 

  • Lafayette College 

  • Allegheny College

  • Purdue University 

  • Hampton University 

  • Kent State University 

  • Saint Vincent University 

  • Chatham University 

  • Seton Hill University 

  • Coe College 

  • Susquehanna University 

  • Washington and Jefferson

  • Slippery Rock University 

  • Alabama State University 

  • Robert Morris University  

  • Lincoln University 

  • Clark Atlanta 

  • Edinboro University 

  • Delaware State University

  • Xavier University 

  • West Virginia University  

  • Temple University 

  • Howard University

  • Berklee School of Music

  • Saint Joseph's University 

  • The University of Arts 

  • West Chester University

  • Cleveland State University  

  • Baldwin Wallace 

  • CMU* - Waitlist 

  • Lehigh* - Waitlist 

  • NYU* - Waitlisted 

  • NC State University* - Waitlisted



YES is committed to ensuring students gain access to post-secondary educational opportunities and resources. Below is a subset of youth who are pursing post-secondary education and who have benefited from YES' investment. 


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