Glen Almon:
YES Student, Successfully Defends Senior Thesis

Glen Almon, an Allegheny Senior and YES Alum, recently defended his Senior Thesis, “Interracial to Intraracial: Philosophy Inquiry of the Relations of Dominance in Skin Color Discrimination.” As a Philosophy major and English and Black studies double minor, Glen used his culminating project to develop a philosophical theory of colorism and highlighted the dynamics and institutions that perpetuate it. In his four-chapter thesis, he laid the historical foundation of colorism, discussed colorism’s use in the Black community, conducted a case study on Black women, and offered practical ways to decolonize and dismantle remnants of colorism in educational spaces. Through this innovative project, he developed expertise and demonstrated his intellectual prowess and courage to explore uncharted academic content. His advisor’s words allude to this notion, “Glen became the mentor and I the student…I am extremely proud of what [he] produced…[he] pushed me in ways I never imagined. I am forever grateful for the ways [he] taught and challenged me throughout this process.”    

Glen, a 4.0 student, represents a unique cohort of youth YES supported through our college and career preparation program. Through this work, 40 youth gained admission into our nation’s most dynamic educational institutions and received more than 3 million dollars in scholarships. To date, these youth have achieved a nearly 90% college persistence rate and are on track for on-time graduation from four-year institutions. Glen and his peers’ successes have since created a network of graduates who are now paving the way for their younger peers. Their achievements have shifted the narrative, making college entrance and achievement more tangible for those who could not previously see paths to success. Now, as Glen and his YES colleagues prepare to walk across the finish line in five short months, they are charting a different kind of history and doing so with pride, dignity, and recognition that their work is not done. Congratulations, Glen and peers!

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