Kwahyum Williams and Muaadh Stewart “Making History”


February is often filled with celebrations of our African American heroes who helped shape what we consider to be black culture today. To honor the memory of those heroes, like Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks, Youth Enrichment Services sought to highlight students who are working hard to make history themselves. Our students have overcome myriad obstacles throughout this unprecedented school year and we want to acknowledge their incredible efforts.


Kwahyum Williams is a junior at Woodland Hills High School and an outstanding student who continues to make the Dean’s List and bolster his academic resume. In addition to being an excellent student, Kwahyum is an active participant in YES’ Voices to Men program and serves as an important mentor and role model for his peers. When asked how he plans on making history, Kwahyum says he wants to “work hard in school so I can make lots of money, and when I have a lot of money I truly look forward to helping many people and making a big difference in the world”. This sentiment for making a difference in the world comes from Kwayhum’s idol in the community, “the most admirable person in African American History to me is Martin Luther King Jr. He fought for black lives and helped end segregation!”. With Kwayhum’s strong work ethic and passion for helping others he is surely on his way to making his dream a reality and following in the footsteps of his historical idol.


Muaadh Stewart is also a junior at Woodland Hills High School and regularly finds himself on the Honor Roll while motivating his peers to also achieve new academic heights. Like Kwayhum, Muaadh is a leader in Voices to Men and believes he is “going to make history by being the most positive person [he] can be”. Muaadh says his passion for positivity comes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “the person I look up to most in African American History is Martin Luther King Jr. I like how positive he was during every situation.” Similarly to Dr. King, Muaadh hopes his positive nature will enable him to become a phenomenal leader. 


YES continues to be inspired by the young people in our programming and admires their desire to look to the past in an effort to better the future. Their passion to both achieve personal success and motivate those around them to also succeed is an encouraging sign of the future to come. We are looking forward to seeing what they accomplish next!

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