For more than two decades, YES has taken a leadership role in the communities it serves. In our youth service delivery programs, students enter YES to improve their academics and self-concept, move to advance their personal and career opportunities, and foster mentorship relationships that build a stronger sense of identity and commitment to their communities. Our emphasis is on mentorship and relationship building with the goal of empowering students and families to become their own best resource.


Mentoring Partnerships


YES Programming


  • All About Me 

  • College Preparation

  • Summer Study for Success 

  • Summer Magic

  • Teen Café

  • Faith Ranch

  • FeWi 

  • Voices to Men

  • Summer Work for Success 

  • Learn and Earn

  • Pathways to Access

Provisional Services


  • School Visits

  • Home Visists

  • Curfew Calls


Extended Diversion

(if needed)