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Learn & Earn

Summer Youth Employment Program

Job Description: Students will utilize skills related to assisting in program delivery, providing leadership for various youth participants, communicating with young students and adults, monitoring group activities, delivering program and academic content. Additionally, students will be responsible for coordinating field trips, providing support for teachers and students in small class environments. Finally, all students will evaluate student performance, growth and other tasks assigned by supervisors.


Project Manager: Oversee each Group's effort in meeting project goals, hold students accountable for outcomes and deliverables.

Community Engagers: Plan health education program, engage with community members and build relationships with residents.

Community Investigators: Gather data from families, engage in interviews, etc.

Community Disseminators: Document students' experience using social media platforms, newspaper, share information with community members and synthesize information for community residents to understand.

Structural Analyzers: Assess the community to determine the number of vacant homes, analyze quality of housing, describe the community's assets and deficits.


General Expectations: ALL students are responsible for following appropriate dress code, timeliness and employee/employer interactions. Each day they are required to maintain their time sheets provided. These MUST BE signed and handed in on the dates provided for timely pay.


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