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Summer Jobs Program
Employability Preparation

The Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program is a summer opportunity that provides youth, ages 14 – 21, with employment around the city of Pittsburgh. Learn and Earn students work in diverse jobs and occupational areas to gain professional experience, technical skills, and knowledge of employer expectations, as well as exposure to possible career paths. In addition to developing valuable work experience, youth also earn wages and contribute to Pittsburgh's tax base and economic growth. The goals of Learn and Earn are to prepare youth to understand appropriate workplace behaviors, the rigors of the workplace, job survival skills, and to challenge youth to explore career interests and opportunities.

As a Learn and Earn service provider, Youth Enrichment Services (YES) has developed a comprehensive summer program model that offers youth more than an employment opportunity. YES’ summer program model amalgamates leadership development, employability preparation, and academic enrichment to not only prepare youth for future employment, but to also stimulate their academic acumen, and to deepen their commitment to their peers and communities. YES integrates Learn and Earn’s goals into its model to further ensure youth develop skills that transcend their summer employment experiences.

YES embeds employment opportunities into its summer program infrastructure to provide students with career exposure and skill development. In a climate in which demand for youth employment is higher than supply, YES provides youth with critical early work experiences to master technical skills, to develop knowledge of employer expectations, and to solidify career interests. Through such offerings, YES scholars learn acceptable workplace behaviors, the rigors of the work environment, and job survival skills. In addition to developing valuable work experience, youth earn wages in which they can contribute to Pittsburgh’s tax base and economic growth and invest in their own futures, communities, and families. Research substantiates the value of such early work experiences, and as such, these opportunities remain integral to YES’ summer program model.

  • Gain valuable work experience.

  • Develop students’ soft skills to help become college and career ready.

  • Earn an income.

Who can Apply? 

  • Allegheny County and/or City of Pittsburgh residents who will be at least 14 years old and no older than 21 of the year in which application is made.

How Much You Can Earn? 

  • Most youth will earn $7.25 per hour.  Pay rates depend on the type of job offered.

Where to Apply? 

Youth Enrichment Services

6031 Broad St.

Suite 202

Pittsburgh, PA  15206

Click here to apply online! 

What Documents Do You Need?     

  1. Proof of age (birth certificate, driver’s license or state ID, etc.)

  2. Social Security Number (social security card)

  3. Citizenship Status (birth certificate, passport, etc.)

  4. Proof of Address (report card, home utility bill, lease agreement)

  5. Proof of Household Income (head of household’s most recent paystub)

Need Assistance?

Jasmine Davis

(412) 661-7834

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Science and Engineering
Community Health
Vocation and Trade

Employment Domains 

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