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The Pathways to Access Program 

Employability Preparation

The Pathways to Access Program (PAP) is a workforce development program that exposes 9–12 graders to a variety of career experience and allows them to develop skills necessary to enter the workforce. Through year-round mentorship, project-based learning experiences, and other skill development opportunities students gain the knowledge about careers that interest them while receiving financial incentives for program participation. Each cohort receives specific outcomes based on their grade level. 

Guiding Framework:
  • Exposing youth to variety of careers

  • Broadening workforce experiences and career opportunities 

  • Instilling strengths-based spirit of excellence

  • Providing year-round mentorship

  • Engaging the community 

Other Program Components:

  • Workforce development

  • Job shadowing

  • Paid work experience 

  • Project-based learning apprenticeships

  • Career counseling

  • Home visits

  • School visits 

  • Mentorship


Students Engage In:

  • Monthly workforce development training

  • Monthly career spotlight events

  • Monthly job shadowing

  • Monthly career counseling sessions 

  • Various hours of paid work experience and project-based opportunities


Program Length:

  • September – June


Eligibility Status:

  • 9th – 12th grade

  • 14  – 18 years old (in school youth)

  • Allegheny County residence

  • Curious about different career industries

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