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YES Innovates with Gaming and Technology Career Course

This summer, YES managed to recruit an awesome group of interns to mentor and oversee summer programming. Our Learn and Earn programs cover a variety of topics, giving students a selection closest to their desired career path. Programs for this summer include: Culinary Arts and Nutrition, African American History and Social Justice, Sports Management and Marketing, Gaming and Technology, and Business and Entrepreneurship. Our Gaming and Technology program is led by our interns; Anthony Greene and Derrick Allmond.

Derrick and Anthony are both avid gamers coming from West Virginia University with their masters in Sports Management, to share what the gaming industry has to offer. Grossing in the hundreds of billions worldwide, gaming provides plenty of economic opportunities. Our intern Derrick has personal experience getting paid to travel and play Call of Duty. Proving that getting good at what you love can pay off with enough practice.

With both Derrick and Anthony’s expertise, they have created a summer course to communicate the benefits of working in the gaming industry. Class sessions discuss the importance of marketing to help create a dedicated fanbase as well as controversial issues about gaming: addiction, animated violence, and racial descrimination during online play. Being aware of how games influence their audience was emphasized by the duo. The experience of a game is solely dependent on the game developers’ vision and projection of dramatic events coded together.

At the end of the summer, Derrick and Anthony hope students continue to enjoy playing video games but know they can turn it into a career not just a hobby. Passing along career experience for youth is what Learn and Earn is designed to provide. Thank you Derrick and Anthony for your awesome efforts this summer in giving our students a Gaming and Technology experience.

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