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YES College Freshmen Embrace Their New Journeys Ahead

Just months ago, post-secondary education was out of reach and seemingly distant for our graduated high school seniors. However, their long-awaited and anticipated college experiences have now become reality. Despite the challenges, final decision making, and material collection, our college freshmen are ready to embark on their new journeys.

Our 2019 senior class managed to be accepted into schools including: Allegheny College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, CCAC, Winston Salem, and New York University. Each student is diverse in nature and has a variety of skill sets that they will apply to their respective college environments. They will explore their talents while also discovering new ones that will help further their professional careers.

These youth have developed as scholars, persevered through hardships, and fought for their futures. Their dynamic spirits and boundless energy will vibrate the heartbeat of their university campuses.

These students deserve the opportunity to experience the joys of attending a prestigious post-secondary institution—as they have had to go through extensive loops to obtain a quality education and to receive academic enrichment. Their search for extended, out-of-school learning opportunities led them to our organization, where they have done incredible work: conducting participatory research, gaining workforce development, investigating health-related issues, and challenging themselves through college-preparation courses. These youth have many talents, gifts, and a myriad of competencies. As such, we are confident that they will triumph and tackle the challenges ahead.

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