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YES 2019 Summer is Officially Underway

With great anticipation, our 2019 Learn and Earn students have finished their mentorship and employment training and are embarking on their summer employment journeys. From now until August, youth have the opportunity to work alongside dynamic business owners, university researchers, and social service representatives who are destined to impart valuable insight and wisdom and shape youths’ experiences.

The social media management team (The Heem Team) has also begun their summer assignment and comprises some of YES’ veterans and alum. This team will manage YES events and social media platforms, post relevant content, and capture memorable summer moments. True Magwood and Allen Olivis serve as social media managers while Willie Knight and Ja’aden Humphries-Randolph serve as production assistants. As a team, these youth will produce high quality media content for our family and community stakeholders and highlight important youth narratives.

Raheem, YES’ social media coordinator, is leading this effort and ensuring all posted information is clear, concise, and digestible for consumption. Stay tuned for weekly blogs and insight into students’ summer experiences.

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