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Trusting the Process: Applying to College with YES

One of the biggest life decisions high school seniors have to make is determining which college they will attend. Thankfully for our YES students, they are not making this decision alone. With the support of YES, our seniors are applying to colleges with confidence and strategy — one that will hopefully allow them to make informed decisions and have multiple eggs in their “college baskets” from which to choose.

Now that our seniors’ high school careers are coming to a close, we are working diligently to equip them with the tools necessary for their forthcoming post-secondary journey. Our YES seniors have spent 60+ hours engaging in college preparation activities — working tirelessly by creating cover letters, addendums, and resumes, composing personal narratives, visiting colleges, and negotiating financial aid support with various colleges. Our young people engage in this process so that they can become competitive applicants and compete amongst a sea of talented peers around the nation. All eight of our seniors have applied to multiple colleges (Allegheny, Oberlin, Temple, NYU, North Carolina A&T, UPenn, University of Pittsburgh, and Villanova) and now anxiously anticipate their acceptances.

The YES team has watched this group of seniors grow into adulthood over the years. We look forward to their graduation and seeing what fine men and women they become. We know that their journeys are not over, and we plan to support them, even into their next phase of life as college students.

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