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Summer Interns: Flash Mob and Camp Harambee

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

The Fight Against Fights

Have you ever wondered what triggers fights amongst the youth and/or their peers? What is their mindset when it comes to their future? What is their homelife like? Flash Mob Brawls Investigation Interns are asking and receiving these questions daily.

Flash Mob Interns conduct research to grasp a better understanding of people’s lives and their past experiences when it comes to mob fights. They interview peers who have been involved in fights, as well as, investigate flash mobs.

Interns working this job are interested in discovering how people live, work, and play. They are generally interested in what makes a person ‘tick’. Their main internship goal is to help local authorities understand why mob fights occur and how to prevent them.

Mt. Ararat

Everyone loves children. Right? Well, if the answer to this question for you is no, then you share the opposite viewpoint of our interns at Mt. Ararat. Interns here assist with children’s camp, Camp Harambee.

Jobs for interns at this worksite range from answering phone calls, assisting on field trips, down to helping children with lunch. This job builds leadership skills for the interns and gives them the opportunity to be a positive impact on younger children.

Interns working here have expressed their joy with bringing smiles to the kid’s faces. They enjoy the tasks that come along with helping the camp. Lunch time, nap time, and play time are all exciting experiences. Their end goal for this job is to train up a child in the way he or she may go – and ultimately support Camp Harambee toward success.

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