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Summer Interns: EECM, Allegheny Front and YES Office


Much like our Mt. Ararat interns, students working at EECM assist with a summer children’s camp. Interns describe this worksite as “an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the campers.”

At this worksite, interns utilize and refine their communication skills. Students transition into functioning leaders, coordinators, and educators, and advocates. Interns are trusted with cleaning, preparing lunch, monitoring group activities and more. Our interns are the heartbeat that keeps this camp going. They play such an integral role in its operating; and they bring the energy and help that any organization desires from their young workers.

Interns working with EECM have expressed the pleasure they feel when they contribute to the camp’s success. They chose this specific location because of the opportunity to engage and work with children. Aside from building positive relationships with the other interns, the end goal for this group is to guarantee that this camp finishes successfully.

Allegheny Front

Nearing the end of our 2018 Learn and Earn program, some interns have begun putting finalizing their culminating projects. Our lone intern at Allegheny Front, an environmental justice media, may have one of the more interesting final projects however, seeing as she has been working with the radio station and learning the intricacies of broadcast and radio journalism.

Our Allegheny Front Intern, Anesa Reed, has been tasked with navigating the ends and outs of a radio station. She has also been constructing a piece on black hair care and highlighting the toxicity of hair care projects as a serious public health and environmental issue. Her piece captures important narratives of black females who are often vulnerable to the targeted marketing and use of toxic hair care projects. Her completed project will air August 17th. Be on the lookout for her work!

While working here, she has been able to help edit material, give input on what is being produced, and even gain experience in the field of journalism. Something different about this worksite than others is the fact that she is placed in a one-on-one mentoring setting. This provides a pathway to build positive connections and create a welcoming workspace.

YES Office

What better way to close out the summer than by discussing the place where the magic happens? The YES Office has been home to various activities for its occupants throughout the summer.

This summer, interns at this worksite have been studying social justice. They have learned about social, racial, gender, and financial injustice throughout their work experience. Along with learning about these injustices, they have been scheming ways to decrease the frequency at which these injustices occur. They have also been building up their own critical consciousness to be part of the solution.

Home to around 15 interns, the YES Office always has something going on. Whether it be classes, research, apprenticeships, or activity with their instructors. Students working here are taught the importance of responsibility, accountability, and hard work. They learn that everything must be earned and are given the freedom to bloom into hardworking young adults.

Interns working here have expressed interest in collaborative work. They enjoy learning about assorted topics, rather than one specific subject. YES Office students have had nothing but positive things to say about the experience and look forward to the chance to experience more advance worksite opportunities in the future.

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