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Next up at YES

As 2019 summer nears its end,students are finalizing their employment assignments and preparing for school’s return. Our YES high school students are moving up a grade, newly graduated students are beginning their first year of college, and current college students are continuing their post-secondary pursuits. YES is always proud of our students and pushes them to do their best and to remain resilient in the face of any adversity.

We view every opportunity a learning one - even in summer employment, our goal is to encourage learning. Students have reflected on their summer and provided some insights as it relates to their learned lessons. Some of these lessons are captured below.

Arnolds Tea

So far, the students working at Arnold’s Tea have learned the ins and out of operating a tea business. Students learned to make and serve quality tea and sandwiches for patrons, as well as how to successfully navigate customer service.

Vlog U

Students at the Vlog U worksite created advertising campaigns for local entrepreneur partners. Giving students experience through digital marketing and advertising, students became skilled artists. Along with creating marketing campaigns for local entrepreneurs, students were taught the production of content creation and thrived in their consultant roles.

Y Creator Space

Students learned about 3D printing and other creative technology in the Y Creator Space. This environment gave students a fun and engaging atmosphere to work in. Students were mentored by YES graduate Quelyn Holt, serving as a role model for neighborhood students.

Summer Scholars

Here, students engaged in rigorous courses and held unique apprenticeship experiences at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Youth, in these roles, were bloggers, social media content specialists, stationary developers, family and resource engagement specialists, and marketing specialists.

Now that the summer employment experience has ended, students are finalizing their research projects. We continue with great anticipation the kind of research projects students will present at the Summit. We are excited to see the end result of all of our students’ hard work.

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