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Hidden Gems: Interns Contribute to YES’ Meaningful Summer Experience

With summer 2019 coming to an end, we recognize the outstanding interns who made this one of the most engaging and meaningful summers at YES. The dedication and commitment each intern brought this summer was displayed in their performance as mentors and young professionals. Not only have we enjoyed their hard work and enthusiasm, but we have also noticed their passion to help our students succeed.

We first acknowledge Caitlyn Lyons who worked along our very own Executive Director Dr. Jones, participating in (S.U.R.E.) the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Her research included examining why declines in female sport engagement exist using YES’ Camp FeWi female sport context. Her findings gave insight into the factors contributing to sport participation losses and provided a way forward to ensuring sport for development programs are culturally relevant and intentional.

Our next intern is Katerina Lake, a recent WVU graduate, who spent her summer over seeing Camp FEWI. She utilized her skills from Sport and Exercise Psychology to manage program operations and to support young girls of color in learning non-traditional sports like golf, rugby, lacrosse, and tennis.

Our last two interns: Nanina Sexton and Amanda Harris, are also Pitt Masters Students from the Schools of Public Health and Social Work and hailed from the University’s Bridging the Gap Program. They both attended Camp Muffley, our pre-employment training camp, and assisted our Summer Scholars’ program by facilitating the Skills Spotlight course, providing workforce development training, and assisting youth in their community-based research projects.

This added capacity was immeasurable for YES this summer – we recognize that we are only as strong as our support. And this summer, we were super strong! Each one’s contributions helped make this summer a success. We appreciate their tireless work and overall commitment to the mission.

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