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Engineering our New Normal: April 2020 Career Spotlight

In our “new normal,” our April 2020 Career Spotlight was held virtually for students. Despite shifting our presentation modality, the session was informative and engaging. Led by University of Pittsburgh Engineering students, the session provided insight into the versatility of engineering. To maximize the information on each engineering classification, we featured students from each engineering domain who provided insight into life as engineering students, internships available to engineering students, and navigating the challenges of engaging in a field in which they are underrepresented. Students represented included: Oreoluwa Odeniyi, a Junior majoring in Bioengineering and PreMed, Taylor Mungin a Senior majoring in Industrial Engineering, Carl Paasewe a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering, and Solomon Fenton a Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Pitt Students’ presentation focused on the fundamentals of engineering and dismantling the stereotypes of engineers. This conversation revealed that engineering takes nothing more than creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. Each engineering group specializes in solving real life problems. Mechanical engineering encompasses physics, mathematics to maintain mechanical structures, Industrial Engineering takes complex industry processes and makes them more efficient, Electrical and Computer Engineering focus on electrical components to revolutionize technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses on designing to keep the environment and citizens safe, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering specializes in producing helpful chemicals for everyday needs, and BioEngineering uses biology to aid health care practices.

Students asked a plethora of questions ranging from which courses to take to suggestions on study habits. All the information shared was extremely valuable for students and was relevant regardless of one’s career interest or desired major. Our students enjoyed “seeing” college students who look like them and who are actively redefining the prototype of an engineer.

We are appreciative of the students for taking the time to inform YES students about the possibilities of engineering. It was insightful, and we wish the Pitt students nothing but the best on their future and academic endeavors.

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