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Dynamic Seniors Attend Conference on College Composition and Communication

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Two of our most dynamic seniors: Willie Knight and Anesa Reed attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on March 14. WIllie and Anesa presented alongside Dr. Jones, YES’ Executive Director, Denise Jones, YES’ Program Director, and Paul Feigenbaum, YES’ Scholar in Residence.

Both students had the opportunity to present their YES story and speak to academic and work experiences in YES. This was a huge milestone and an even bigger accomplishment for Willie and Anesa, who are two long time participants in our youth programs. Willie and Anesa went from being mentees to mentors in YES and serve as the first YES students to present at a national conference.

Willie enjoyed the opportunity to present his journey through YES. Watching Willie grow from the class-clown into a phenomenal scholar and a voice of YES has been an honor and a pleasure. Willie expressed his excitement to present in front of crowds. Despite he and Anesa’s high school status, they handled the challenge well. They loved the recognition they received from the audience and the opportunity to build their scholarly profiles.

We have nothing but praise and high expectations for both WIllie and Anesa. They look forward to graduation and narrowing in on their career paths. They plan to continue their post-secondary education, making an impact in their communities, and giving back to YES.

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