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Beyond YES: Experience for the Future

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. This summer has been a prime example of that. With the 2018 Learn and Earn Program coming to an end, we asked some of our interns to reflect how they were affected by the program this summer. A common theme throughout their answers was “experience for the future.” This is what our program aims for with our interns. Youth Enrichment Services uses the Learn and Earn Program to give youth, ages 14 – 21, an opportunity to experience employment throughout the city of Pittsburgh. The broad range of jobs allow an opportunity for everyone to find where they fit in. With so many different jobs, there were just as many different end goals for the groups.

Interns placed in various locations around Pittsburgh and were given different tasks and projects to complete before the six-week program is over. Final projects include presenting the data collected throughout the summer, broadcasting research on the radio station, showcasing presentations to the supervisors, etc. With so many different things going on, interns have been extremely busy throughout the summer. Although interns are busy, they still find time to have fun while getting their work done. According to an intern working at Alcosan, this job was “by far the most preparing experience” he has had for the future outside of high school.

When asked how they learned of us, most of this year’s workers said that they learned about Youth Enrichment Services through a friend. “I first heard about it through my friend, and it seemed like a great place to get help with college work… it turned out to be the right choice. That was a new experience for me,” says intern Glen Almon. Young people so willing to tell their friends about the organization says a lot about the type of experience they have working within the organization. We strive to create an environment that welcomes and nourishes Pittsburgh’s youth. The more that the youth’s seeds are watered, the more powerful they will grow.

Nearing the final days of the 2018 Learn and Earn Program, we want to thank the students, the parents, and the worksites. This program would not be able to thrive without you all. To our interns entering their first year of college, “Never let your fear decide your fate.” Stay strong and make your first year a great one! To our high school interns, make this upcoming year your best year yet! Although this summer is coming to an end, you all will always have a home in Youth Enrichment Services.

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