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female Empowerment & wellness initiative


Female Empowerment and Wellness Initiative (FeWi) is designed to provide and foster a positive and healthful space for sisterhood. In a series of sessions and outings, our female students think broadly about their health as they explore wellness through lenses of selfcare, financial independence, physical fitness, and spirituality. In doing so, they counter the narrative they often confront around standards of beauty, health, and simply being. As sisters move through the program, and work through this deconstructive process, they develop improved self-confidence and self-awareness and are ready to challenge notions. 

Guiding Framework:


  • A holistic account of someone's quality of life including but not limited to selfcare, financial stability, physical health, and spirituality.


  • A set of practices someone utilizes to build and maintain a relationship with themselves. Selfcare strengthens intuition and reduces stress. 

Financial Stability:

  • Understanding and practicing healthy money management techniques including how to self-advocate for financial independence.

Physical Fitness:

  • Positive nutrition and exercise practices that generate a balanced and active lifestyle.


  • An intentional awareness of the importance of human spirit and the unimportance of material and physical things.


  • To offer constructive dialogue for issues challenging the holistic wellbeing of young females.

  • To practice sisterhood while identifying and countering destructive narratives of superficial self-worth.


Students Engage In:

  • Discussion Seminars 

  • Thematic Excursions 

  • Social and Cultural Outings 


Program Length: 

  • October – June  

Eligibility Status: 

  • 9th – 12th grade 

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