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Faith Ranch

Teen Mentoring Certification Training
Advocacy & Leadership

Teen mentoring certification training (TMCT) is a vital component of YES’ mentoring program and is designed to connect adolescents with resources to build their leadership skills and mentorship knowledge.


TMCT cultivates prospective mentors to develop effective relationships, to understand the scope of their leadership roles, to advance competency in motivating others, and to apprehend the concept of positive peer development with the ultimate goal of becoming a certified peer mentor. 

  • Improve adolescents’ communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

  • Develop students’ cultural awareness and critical consciousness.

  • Enhance students’ confidence as they become certified teen mentor leaders.

Students Engage In:

  • Workshops

  • Physical Activities (horseback riding, swimming, relay races) 

  • Talent Show 

  • Team Building Exercises 


Program Length: 

  • June 


Eligibility Status: 

  • Learn and Earn Participant

  • Summer Scholar or Advanced Summer Scholar  

  • 9th – 12th grader 

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