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Youth Service Delivery Programs

Diversion 2000


Developed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Allegheny County Juvenile Court, Diversion 2000 (D2000) is a 24/7 mon­i­tor­ing and men­tor­ing program offering juvenile offenders with an alternative to deten­tion. Program staff conduct school and home vis­its, mon­i­tor school attendance, make daily cur­few calls, and arrange aca­d­e­mic sup­ports to aid client’s development, decrease tru­ancy, and reduce recidi­vism.

Diversion 2000 Program Criteria

Students who are:

  • Ages 10 – 18

  • Referred from Probation Officer or Juvenile Court Judge

  • Residing in Allegheny County

Extended Diversion Services

Extended Diversion Services (EDS) offers former justice-involved youth with extended, holistic, and individualized support services. EDS youth continue to receive home and school visits and nightly curfew calls; however their services are expanded to include weekly sessions facilitated by YES staff, social and cultural outings, one-on-one mentoring, and employability preparation. 

Extended Diversion Program Criteria

Students who are:

  • Ages 10 – 18

  • Referred from Probation Officers, Juvenile Court Judges, School Stakeholders, and Municipal Court Judges

  • Residing in Allegheny County

Diversion 2000 Pathways

Referral from Probation Officer

Intake Home Visit

Provisional Services

Adjudication Court Hearing

or P.O. or Judge Terminates

Youth Enrollment

Provisional Services Continue

Youth Eligible for Group Programming & Mentor Outings

P.O. or Judge Terminates Youth Enrollment

Enrollment in Mentoring Partnership Programming


  • All About Me 

  • Teen Café

  • College Preparation

  • FeWi
  • Voices to Men

  • Pathways to Access



  • Learn and Earn

  • Faith Ranch

  • Summer Work

  • Summer Magic
  • Summer Study

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