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Does Gentrification affect younger and older Black community members of East Liberty differently?

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How does the presentation of the Larimer community influence violence happening in the neighborhood?

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In what ways can Homewood residents help make abandoned buildings more useful in the community? How can they improve the overall community's appearance?

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How can Garfield become more accessible to senior residents?


Blurry Forest

Trinity Donald and Cherish Cutrary  

Research Topic: Awareness of Latin American Culture 

Research Question: What contributes to black teens’ lack of knowledge of Latin American Culture?

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Jelani Brockman and Yurron Arrington

Research Topic: Black Teens’ Video Gaming Behavior During COVID-19 

Research Question: How did black teens’ video gaming change during COVID-19?

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Kyara Smalls and Kenay Robinson

Research Topic: Mental Status and Eating Habits
Research Question: How do people’s mental health statuses impact their eating habits?

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Eric Burns, Tajuri Alexander, & Silas Fornauf

Research Topic: Black Teens’ Perspectives on Olympic Drug Rules 

Research Question: What do black teens think about Olympic drug rules? How have the Olympic drug rules historically affected black runners?

Blurry Forest

Taymir O’Neal, Lloyd Irish, and Aaron Tyler 

Research Topic: College Athlete Earning Opportunities

Research Question: How do Black college athletes maximize their earning opportunities?

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Maniyah Swann and Mekhia Shipman

Research Topic: Black Retail Business & COVID-19

Research Question: How have small black retail businesses in PA been affected by COVID-19?

Blurry Forest

Kamari Jones and Yucara Smalls

Research Topic: Pay Gap Among Black and White Women 

Research Question: Is there a pay gap between black and white female professional athletes?

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Brandi Williams and Camyia Snowden

Research Topic: Black Women in the Beauty Industry 

Research Question: How does the beauty industry empower black female entrepreneurs?

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Tahj Coleman

Research Topic: Black Teens’ Perspectives of an Equal and Just World

Research Question: From the perspective of black teens, what does an equal and just world look like?

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Abigail Armah-Lyle, Shamyia Johnson, & Jendaya Johnson

Research Topic: High School Athletes’ Eating Habits 

Research Question: How are the performances of high school athletes impacted by their eating habits?

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Kayonia Sowell and Kiajah Young

Research Topic: Resources for Black Single Parents

Research Question: Does Pittsburgh provide Black Single Parents with the benefits and resources they need to be successful

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Adwoa Ababio and Destiny F

Research Topic: Environmental Changes in Latin American Culture 

Research Question: How do the environmental changes in Latin America affect communities and regions?

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Taylor Richardson and Kwamir Dixon

Research Topic: Anime & Black Teens

Research Question: How does anime/ magna connect to members of the black community?

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Gabby E, Avyonna Haynes, Kaylynn Ford

Research Topic: Unequal Pay Among Black and White Women 

Research Question: Why are black women receiving unequal pay in Pittsburgh in comparison to white women? What is contributing to this and how can white women take an active role in addressing it?

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Daivon Williams and Brashaun Williams

Research Topic: Black Single Fathers 

Research Question: What resources are most important to black single fathers in raising their children and supporting their development?

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Kiona, Khiya, Jade, and Kerriah

Research Topic: Black Women Entrepreneurs 

Research Question: What inspires black women to pursue entrepreneurship?

Blurry Forest

Makita Logan (and De’Asia Boyd)

Research Topic: Healing Black Feminists 

Research Question: How do black feminists protect their mental health from daily obstacles and racism?

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