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College Prep

Academic Preparation

College Prep (CP) is designed for 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in receiving admission testing support, one-on-one mentorship and college guidance, exposure to collegiate contexts, and assistance in completing college and scholarship application materials. What sets YES’ college prep apart from others is the level of staff commitment in providing students with individualized support and service tailoring. Whether it’s past program hours or on the weekend, staff support students throughout their pre-college and college journeys.  


Primary goals include helping students:

  • Prepare to successfully navigate the collegiate landscape. 

  • Explore collegiate opportunities.

  • Build marketable application profiles to compete against peers. 


Students Engage In:

Admission Testing Support

  • Weekly sessions are held giving youth the opportunity to gain personalized assistance with their SATs and ACTS.  Sessions are 3 hours in length and consist of English and Math workshops, writing, and practice exams.  This is ideal for students who are looking to improve their scores, or to be more prepared for their first exams. 

iMentor Meetings 

  • Students are paired with a YES staff member to begin planning for college.  Staff assist students in choosing a college or university, filling out applications, ensuring students have all the necessary paperwork completed and turned in, assessing their needs/wants in a college, etc. YES staff work with students twice per month to customize a plan and timeline specific to student needs.

College Application Development Sessions 

  • Sessions designed to help students complete applications, write application essays, and work on their resumes and cover letters.  Colleges have different application processes, which can be overwhelming for students. As such, YES staff is helps streamline the process. Students also receive edits and feedback on their writing, so they can ensure their work adheres to college and university application standards.

College 101 Sessions 

  • Once a month, students attend College 101 sessions to learn more about financial aid, major selection, campus life –the hidden curriculum! These factors are extremely important when selecting a college or university. As such, College 101 gives students the chance to ask any and all questions regarding college, the application process, financial aid and scholarships, school selection, and other concerns.

College Tours and Visits 

  • Students attend group tours and select two out-of-state tours of colleges they would like to visit. These opportunities are at no costs to students. 


Program Length:

  • September – June 


Eligibility Status:

  • 11th – 12th grade

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