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Summer work for success

Employability Preparation

Summer Work for Success (SWFS) is constructed to enhance students’ employability and workability skills through a variety of workshops and activities. More specifically, students engage in a series of sessions to explore careers, to develop interpersonal skills, and to discuss ethics, decision-making, and workplace etiquette. SWFS provides students with an understanding of the work experience and an opportunity to create supporting documentation (resumes and cover letters) that will assist students in the application and interview processes. At the program’s end, students participate in a stimulation experience, during which they interview for apprenticeships available in Summer Magic and apply their accrued etiquette skills in a formal dining experience.

  • Understand appropriate workplace behaviors and etiquette. 

  • Navigate professional spaces.

  • Explore career interests and opportunities.

  • Enhance youths’ employability and workability skills.

Students Engage In:

  • Workshops 

  • Interview Simulation 

  • Dining Simulation 

  • Job Application Development 


Program Length: 

  • June 


Eligibility Status: 

  • Learn and Earn participant

  • Summer Scholar

  • 9th – 10th grader 

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