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Summer MAGIC

Academic Preparation

Summer Magic is designed to provide academically enriched STEAM education to middle school students during the summer months. Through Summer Magic, youth engage communication arts, science, engineering, and technology coursework with a hands-on and project-based learning approach. Students supplement their experiential learnings with a community-based participatory research project that reflects their academic and personal interests. Summer Magic fosters a learning environment conducive to exploring, thinking, and risk-taking. 

  • Reduce summer learning loss.

  • Explore diverse learning opportunities.

  • Enhance students’ academic skillset and critical thinking skills. 


  • Improve students’ connectedness to learning. 

Students Engage In:

  • Enrichment Sessions 

  • Apprenticeship 

  • Social and Cultural Outings 

  • Community Research Seminars 


Program Length: 

  • July – August 


Eligibility Status: 

  • Learn and Earn participant

  • Summer Scholar

  • 9th – 10th grader 

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