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YES College Freshmen Are More Than Conquerors

Just last year, our prospective college freshmen stood before us preparing to attend college, unsure of what they would experience or how they would adapt. Now, they stand before us having made it - not only as survivors but thrivors.

Matriculating at schools like Allegheny, Pitt, Morehouse, and Point Park, our YES freshmen finished their first years of college on top and excited about all they accomplished academically and socially. By not small feat, our YES scholars adjusted to their respective college spaces, persisted when confronting challenges, and worked through complex course content. Not only did our scholars achieve academically and make their marks on their campuses, but they also laid the necessary foundation for their future successes. Once nervous and afraid, our YES freshmen are now confident and bold sophomores destined to change the world.

We at YES are extremely proud of our students’ performances and hope to see their positive progress throughout the years. These scholars have set the bar high and have paved the way for their younger peers - so much so that they will facilitate sessions that provide insight into their freshmen experiences and share the hope they held onto when their paths became difficult. Charting new territory, our rising college sophomores continue to defy every societal limitation and give meaning to our work.

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