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Summer Internships: Camp Fewi and Tobacco Research

Fit and Fun!

Having fun, meeting new people, learning new sports, AND making money? Almost sounds too good to be true, until you realize that this is what YES Learn and Earn interns at Camp Fewi have been up to this summer. Interns at Camp Fewi are being trained in sports skills, athletic analysis, nutrition, and leadership enrichment sessions.

Camp Fewi is a collaborative approach to ensure that the female youth of Pittsburgh have access to exercise and personal growth. Understanding the role that mentorship, sports, nutrition, and leadership enrichment sessions have on youth’s social engagement and personal growth is extremely important for our interns’ development.

Interns have six weeks to learn the sports skills, analysis, healthy nutrition and healing practices, and leadership development. Some goals for this group of interns is to be trained as peer mentors, serve as junior staff, and gain a better understanding of activities that they were formally unfamiliar with prior to this experience.

Free Smoke?

Most of us have been told that tobacco is bad since our kindergarten days, but what makes it bad and why are people still using it? The answer to these questions are what our interns working with the Tobacco Research have been tasked to investigate this summer.

Interns working here have expressed their interest in both the business and psychological marketing tactics of the tobacco industry. Throughout their time thus far, they have conducted numerous studies of tobacco product placement and relative location. After collecting the required data, the interns plan to present their studies and results to elected officials to address the danger of tobacco sales to the youth.

Having one of the more actively engaged jobs of the summer, this group has been expected to interview numerous groups of people, ranging from their peers to store managers. A goal for this group is to take a trip to Philadelphia to present their research, solutions, and suggestions to active stakeholders.

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