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Teen Cafe
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Teen café

Advocacy & Leadership

Teen Café (TC) is a student run program where youth explore public health issues threatening their communities. Each month, Teen Café members have a Town Hall Meeting where they discuss current events around the community, vote on issues, and generate plans to mitigate the challenges targeting their communities. In partnership with the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), youth receive protocol training and are tasked with planning events, marketing, and gathering research to solve the public health issues at hand. 


Youth most recently explored educational inequity across suburban and urban districts, tobacco marketing targeted at minority youth, and lead exposure in Lincoln Lemington. 

Guiding Framework:

The principles that guide this program are embedded in an empowerment model including: 

Advocacy (Power to):

  • Power is extended to peers through council advocacy. 


Outreach (Power with):

  • Power is shared with community through outreach and empowerment efforts. 


Transformation (Power within):

  • Power is harnessed within oneself through positive.

Primary Goals:

           Develop a spirit of advocacy, personal accountability, and a critical consciousness.

            Foster relationships & connections with community; be viewed as a visible stakeholder.

            Refine leadership skills and self-confidence; build capacity.


Students Engage In:

  • Townhall Meetings

  • ACHD trainings

  • Committee Meetings

  • Community Events

  • Social and Cultural Outings


Program Length:

  • October – June


Eligibility Status:

  • 14 – 18 years of age

  • 10 – 12 grader

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