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Y.E.S. teams up with FIU Faculty Member to Support its Mentorship Mission

YES has been blessed to establish a partnership with the extraordinary, Dr. Paul Feigenbaum, an Associate English Professor from Florida International University (FIU). He has traveled from Miami to support YES in our mission of empowering youth through mentorship, employment, and enrichment. At FIU, Paul centers his research around literacy, community development, entrepreneurship as social justice, and youth empowerment — as he especially has a heart for young people. He also focuses his work around helping young people gain knowledge to both access and succeed in college. As such, his support mission will largely help YES refine its college preparation programming, promote youth empowerment, develop frameworks for mentorship and justice entrepreneurship, and highlight its narrative through publication.

Paul is a great addition to the YES team; he brings a dynamic set of skills, unique passion, and expertise to help our mentorship program elevate and evolve. Through his recent work with us, he coined the phrase: Wise Mentorship, which is simply setting high standards while providing youth with a support system. As he engages with YES, he recognizes YES embodies this mentorship approach. He believes what distinguishes YES from others is our commitment to providing youth —

absent of support at home or at school - with a loving and consistent support structure.

We are excited to see the growth in our organization, with Paul’s contribution. And through our combined efforts and partnership, YES will continue to share the importance of empowering youth through: mentorship, entrepreneurship, and education. Thank you for joining us, Dr. Paul, we are happy to have you.

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