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Summer Interns: Learning and Earning

Carnegie Learning, Inc. is a provider of curricula, textbooks, and math learning software for grades 6 –12; it is also the worksite for two of our Learn and Earn interns. London Wright (17) and McKayla Dixon (17) are student workers for our Learn and Earn Program. This is London’s fourth year with the program and it is McKayla’s third. This summer, they have been placed with Carnegie Learning. Although they have only been working for two weeks, they have been extremely productive. They have participated in meetings with the marketing team, provided insight to properly market to students, and reviewed testing material for the upcoming school year. Some highlights of their work so far have been acquiring the skills to properly create and analyze data, gathering customer feedback and expanding on it, and engaging in marketing products. They have been providing feedback on some of Carnegie’s products to help ensure that the administrators, teachers, and students have the tools to make a smooth transition into the 18 –19 school year.

Likewise, our interns at Motor Mouth Media have been working hard these past two weeks as well. Student workers: Alazha Green, JoNell Epperson, and Morgan Duvall have all been placed with Motor Mouth Media for the summer. While working there, they have been learning about marketing and communication. This week, interns have been building relationships with consultants who serve as advisors and mentors. According to the interns, collaborating with graphic designers and artists is one of the things that they are most looking forward to throughout the course of this program. Student workers have been compiling a professional portfolio, as well as assisting supervisors with their tasks. The goal within for this group of interns is to gain substantial background knowledge and hands-on experience in communications and marketing, giving them the necessary skills to succeed in marketing.

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