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Board Member

Prameela Janardanan obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Application in University of Madras, India and Finance Management from Symbiosis, India and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Madras, India.  

Prameela Janardanan is a passionate strategic versatile certified professional with 17+ years of experience in IT, which includes 11+ years of projects/program management experience, success in motivating top-performing global teams, record low attrition, turning around flagging projects, long lasting client engagements and yielding multimillion-dollar savings.


Prameela is an award-winning well-rounded Projects/Program Manager applying program management skills to achieve successful results in global organizations of the Financial, Health Care Services Industry. She has extensive expertise in executing large-scale Global Financial Services projects, Product Development, Service Delivery projects with proven ability to identify business goals, envision solutions, develop strategy, resource planning and deliver complex solutions. 

Prameela Janardanan also has 10 years of diversified experience in non-IT fields which includes 4 years of experience in Teaching in Schools, Tutorials, Graduate students as well teaching Abacus (Mental Arithmetic) for 3 years to 15 year old kids.  During these 10 years, Prameela also worked as a clerk in banks and other private institutions and as a Secretary/Personal Assistant/Receptionist in private institutions.

Prameela Janardanan brings extensive curriculum development experience which will aid YES in aligning its programmatic efforts. 

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