Summer Study for Success

Summer Study for Success (SSFS) is the pinnacle of YES’ summer programs and is the most comprehensive, competitive and intensive academic opportunity for youth.


The program is designed to expose students to community based research, alongside practitioners and experts in the fields of: Sport Science and Health, You(th) & Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, and African American History and Culture.


SSFS is designed to enhance youth’s research, critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills, during the 170-hour minimum required research commitment.

Students learn and refine these skills by engaging in teacher-led sessions, independent research, journaling, writing consultations, and presentations on poster research before distinguished panelists at the research consortium.


Youth are exposed to research and exploratory classes in Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts, African American History, Sport Science and Law. Through this exposure, they develop research and writing skills. They will attend weekly classes, 2 one-hour writing lab sessions, APA and PowerPoint workshops and weekly field trips for six weeks. Each day, they complete a daily journal which will result in a final research and PowerPoint Presentation. This program is designed to improve academic and personal skills​.


6031 Broad Street #202

Pittsburgh, PA  15206 


T: 412-661-7834 

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