Summer Magic

Summer Magic is designed to provide an academically enriched environment to teach STEAM education to middle school students during the summer months, to offset summer learning loss. To extend learning opportunities for youth, Summer Magic specifically addresses student achievement process targets in mathematics, reading and literature, technology, critical thinking, cooperative work, and communication.


Summer Magic’s goal is to develop students’ knowledge and skills in small classes where the emphasis is on exploring, thinking, accepting, and risk taking and to ensure students retain school year learning. Summer Magic amalgamates academic enrichment and personal development.

Accompanying academic enrichment, Summer Magic is also crafted to improve students’ public speaking skills, personal hygiene, social etiquette, and physical fitness through life skills and physical education workshops. 



Students will be provided five weeks of academic enrichment in the areas of Math, English and Technology. They will also receive hands on technical training to Improve digital literacy. Students will attend enrichment programs three days per week and weekly field trips. They will be responsible for producing an East Side Community asset project in digital formats. All of these requirements will improve academic and personal skills.


6031 Broad Street #202

Pittsburgh, PA  15206 


T: 412-661-7834 

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