Questioning the Weather/ Advocating for Climate Change


Kayonia Sowell, a 2019 learn and earn intern with the Allegheny Front, had the privilege of exploring environmental justice issues alongside talented radio broadcast journalists. During her internship Kayonia researched climate change which altered her perspective on the world around her. As she gained more insight, she learned of the stark reality of climate change and its impact. Kayonia began questioning why she has not learned such critical information during her time as a middle and high school Pittsburgh Public School student. Her authentic and honest statements were featured in an article by the Allegheny Front; “One Teen Grapples With Her Questions About Climate Change,” and revealed her journey toward climate change discovery through her internship.


Learning about climate change ignited a fire within Kayonia to gain more from other individuals. She asked her parents and they were surprised that Kayonia was not learning about global environmental issues. Her mom stated, “I think it’s beneficial later in life for kids to understand what’s going on [on] the earth, as well as off the earth.” Her father shared similar disappointment in the Pittsburgh Public Curriculum saying, “I think it’s deplorable that they would rather teach you how to text than to teach about climate change.” He wonders why an emphasis is not taken to teach students about the importance of protecting the world around them.


We are proud to have a student like Kayonia seeking further understanding about the world we call home and most certainly how to protect it. The earth is not only our home but also a resource and we look forward to more of Kayonia’s future discoveries.


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