Female Empowerment and Wellness Initiative (FeWi)

Selfcare isn’t selfish and neither is sisterhood. Join us for the Female Empowerment and Wellness Initiative (FeWi) this spring as we explore wellness through lenses of selfcare, financial independence, physical fitness, and spirituality.


FeWi's Program Goals are to offer constructive dialogue for issues challenging the holistic wellbeing of young females and practice sisterhood while identifying and countering destructive narratives of superficial self-worth

The program actively engages participants with four dimensions of wellbeing: Selfcare, Financial Stability, Physical Fitness and Spirituality. 

As sisters move through the program cycles, they will develop improved self-confidence and self-awareness. 


6031 Broad Street #202

Pittsburgh, PA  15206 


T: 412-661-7834 

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