Youth Enrichment Services, Inc. (YES), a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation (Federal ID # 25-1737929), was formed in 1994 to design and implement educational programs for children living in public housing and in economically disadvantaged communities. Youth Enrichment Services’ central mission is to provide socially and economically at-risk teens with opportunities to achieve success through their participation in educational and cultural programs. While YES has many facets, its Mentoring Partnerships Program (MPP) is the heart of the organization. 

YES’ mentoring-based program incorporates peer-mentor certification, life skills, and communication skills training to address at-risk behavior among adolescents. YES uses this programming to empower youth and to strengthen their sense of community, their self-awareness, and their global understanding of the world. These programs are built around YES’ Peer Mentoring and Learning model and etched in YES’ fundamental philosophy of improved physical, emotional, and academic development; cultural enrichment; and career and life skills development.

Research, scholarship, and practice have informed YES’ Peer Mentoring and Learning model, validated its reliability, and contributed to its evolving theoretical constructs. Since YES’ inception, research manuscripts have been published in peer adjudicated journals that have tested the efficacy of YES as an enrichment intervention tool. With each iteration of research, YES has adopted new theoretical foci, expanded its programs to support a diversity of youth, and utilized its peer mentoring model as a platform in multiple capacities.


OUR Staff

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Dennis Floyd Jones
Executive Director
Denise Jones
Program Director
Lori McLaughlin
Resource Specialist
Stephanie Peterson
Mentoring Partnership Coordinator
Stephanie Peterson
Mentoring Partnership Coordinator
Nate Crawford
Intervention Specialist Supervisor
Cassandra Flowers
Intervention Specialist
Jasmine Davis
Summer Scholars Program Coordinator
Carmin Jones
Data Manager
Shirley Borner
Office Manager


Click on our names to learn more about us.
Dennis Floyd Jones
Executive Director
Sarah Sumpter
Cheryl Biggs
Phyllis Davis - Jones
Director of Academic Affairs
Norma Groover

Coordinator of Financial Literacy

Tiffany Sizemore - Thompson

Board Liaison

Annie E. Casey Foundation Grant

Della Binion
Board Member


6031 Broad Street #202

Pittsburgh, PA  15206 


T: 412-661-7834 

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