Pathway into and through Mentoring Partnerships  


1.  The Beginning: Program Enrollment

     •  Complete application process

     •  YES accepts any students between the ages of 14 – 21; attending schools at PPS or surrounding school districts


2.  The Truth: Mentor/ Mentee Training

     •  Participants go through a week-long process of being trained as mentees and mentors


3.  The Work: Summer Enrichment and Workforce Development

     •  Youth are employed through the Learn and Earn Program


4.  The Connection: School Year Service Provision

     •  Align participant needs and interests with available fall programming


5.  The Way: Stakeholder Engagement 

     •  Engage with youth and families through home visits

     •  Engage with youth and school personnel through school visits


6.  The Life: Year-round program engagement

     •  Continued engagement in a variety of related year-round programming / work opportunities

     •  Engage in leadership and mentorship opportunities

7.  The Mission: Empowerment

     •  Graduate from secondary school and enter: College, Workforce, or Other

     •  Graduates act as change agents in their respective communities, etc.


8.  The Return: Come back and support YES Programming

     •  Come back as a role-model/ mentor

     •  Summer Internship opportunities

     •  Work for YES

Pathway into and through Diversion 2000.  


1.  Referral from Probation Officer


2.  Intake Home visit 

3.  Service Provision: 

     •  Daily Curfew Calls 

     •  School Visits 

     •  Follow-up home visits 

4.   Adjudication Court Hearing or P.O or Judge terminates youth enrollment 

5.  Continue Service Provision: 

     •  Daily Curfew Calls 

     •  School Visits 

     •  Follow-up home visits 

6.  Responsive Youth eligbible for group programming and mentor outings 

7.   P.O. or Judge Terminates Youth Enrollment 

8.  Enrollment in Mentor Partnership Programming 

Fall Programming

All About Me

All About Me (AAM) is primarily a mentoring, tutorial, and employability program, with specific academic and cultural activities tailored to address issues of truancy, social adaptation, and academic performance—in hopes of preparing students to be Pittsburgh Promise Eligible. MORE  »

Teen Cafe

Teen Café (TC) is a student run program where youth have the opportunity to plan events, vote on leadership, sit on a board of directors, and much more. Each month Teen Café members have a Town Hall Meeting where they discuss current events around the community, vote on issues, etc. MORE  »


College Prep

College Prep (CP) is designed for 11th and 12th grade students.  There are 5 components embedded in CP guiding students toward post-secondary readiness. MORE  »



Selfcare isn’t selfish and neither is sisterhood. Join us for the Female Empowerment and Wellness Initiative (FeWi) this spring as we explore wellness through lenses of selfcare, financial independence, physical fitness, and spirituality. MORE  »


Voices to Men

The objective of Voices to Men is to provide young men with the knowledge and skills to be socially and economically successful community leaders. MORE  »



Summer Programming

Learn and Earn

Learn & Earn is a six-week summer job program for teens and young adults  ages 14-21 in the Pittsburgh region. Participants have the opportunity to earn money, gain valuable work experience, and develop soft skills to help them become college and career ready. MORE  »


Faith Ranch

Teen mentoring certification training (TMCT) is a vital component of YES’ mentoring program and is designed to connect adolescents with resources to build their skills and their knowledge in the areas of mentorship. MORE  »


Summer Work for Success

Summer Work for Success (SWFS) is constructed to teach and to enhance youth employability and workability skills through a variety of workshops and activities. MORE  »


Summer Magic

Summer Magic is designed to provide an academically enriched environment to teach STEAM education to middle school students during the summer months, to offset summer learning loss. MORE  »


Summer Study for Success

Summer Study for Success (SSFS) is the pinnacle of YES’ summer programs and is the most comprehensive, competitive and intensive academic opportunity for youth. MORE  »


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